Jimmy Kowalsky            Habersham Farm Bureau President 2016-Present



Welcome to 

Habersham County Farm Bureau

On behalf of the Habersham County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. Habersham County Farm Bureau is over 4,000 members strong! Moreover, our affiliation with Georgia Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau makes us part of the largest farm organization in the nation!

Our local board, employees, and volunteer members work hard to strengthen the value of your membership. Habersham County Farm Bureau believes each and every membership should be of benefit and have value in excess of the annual $25 membership dues. Our county is committed to promoting the many membership benefits affiliated with Georgia Farm Bureau. We are also diligent in providing local programs that strengthen our dedication to agricultural awareness and making sure the concerns of the agricultural and rural communities are voiced in the legislative arenas on a local, regional, state, and even national level.

Thank you for your devotion and commitment to the Farm Bureau Organization!

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