AG Facts

Total Reported Farm Gate Value for Habersham County in 2013:

  • $276,477,531
  • Habersham ranksĀ 9th in farm gate value out of 159 counties.
  • Agriculture is 28% of our local economy
Our Agriculture

Poultry is the largest industry in Northeast Georgia. Habersham County boasts a large number of poultry producers and is home to such names as Fieldale Farms and Marjac. Companies implement conservation practices on their farms to take care of their poultry.

Quail is also grown in Habersham County. The majority is sold for hunting purposes to buyers throughout the Southeast Habersham Cunty grows approximately 300,000 quail a year.

Habersham County is home to a large number of cattle producers. Goat, sheep and hog producers also call Habersham County home. Other products produced include hay (approx. 7,000 acres), rye (approx. 2,000) , silage (approx. 500), straw (approx. 500) and wheat (approx. 2,000). These products work well with livestock and are used as a feed source for the animals as well as a source of income for the farmers who produce and sell to others.

Farmers in Habersham produce fruits and vegetables that are bought locally and used in some restaurants during the growing seasons. It is also home to Habersham Winery where grapes are picked and processed into national-award winning Habersham Wine. Hazel Creek apple cider is also grown and produced here and sold in grocery stores. The vegetables that are grown here consist of cabbage, cucumbers, greens, peppers, squash, corn, and tomatoes which are sold to the local consumers during their growing seasons.

Habersham County is also rich with horticulture. Many nurseries operate within the county as well as Christmas Tree and sod farms.

The honey that is produced in Clarkesville is sold to local consumers and is shipped throughout the United States. The flavors produced are Sourwood and Mountain Wildflower- not found anywhere else. North Georgia Mountain Honey has won National and World awards and was named to be the best honey in the world in the 2005 and 2009 World Honey Show.