HCFB History

FARM AND LIBERTYSince its inception, the primary, ongoing goal of Farm bureau is to be a united voice in the legislative arena, to promote farm markets, and to provide leadership and assistance to Georgia’s agricultural community. Formed in 1937 by fifty farmers, Georgia Farm Bureau continues to have a strong grassroots network with 158 county Farm Bureau organizations. Farm Bureau is local, state, national, and international in scope and influence. Habersham County Farm Bureau was incorporated on June 2, 1959.

Over the past fifty years Habersham County Farm bureau members have worked together to analyze problems and formulate action plans to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement thereby promoting prosperity and growth. Habersham Farm Bureau has strived to promote agriculture and to educate the youth of Habersham about the importance of agriculture in the local community. The Habersham County Farm Bureau office moved from Clarkesville to Mount Airy in 1999 and is currently serving over 6,000 members.                                                                                                                                                      CHILD AND LIBERTY